The Battle of Savannah, October 9, 1779
On October 9, 1779 American, British and French armies clashed on the west side of Savannah, Georgia. The armies included soldiers from modern-day Haiti, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Great Britain and Poland. African-Americans and Native American soldiers also participated in the deadly conflict that proved to be one of the costliest for the Americans in the American Revolution.

Savannah contains the forensic evidence of this battle, as unearthed by Coastal Heritage Society archaeologists in partnership with Lamar Institute. Excavations conducted from 2005-2011, uncovered startling discoveries including trenches, fortifications, and battle debris. View artifacts from the Revolutionary War era in the Savannah History Museum, then cross the street to explore Battlefield Memorial Park, which is the site of one of fourteen earthen fortifications from the Battle of Savannah.

Please join Coastal Heritage Society in commemorating the Battle of Savannah on October 9th every year. View the CHS calendar for more details.


When the American Revolution began, Georgia was unprepared for war. In September 1778 the Rebel Executive Council authorized $3,000 to be spent on a fortification system to protect the Savannah shipping channel. A mud battery was erected on or near the present location of (Old) Fort Jackson.

For more information about Old Fort Jackson, download the General History of Old Fort Jackson PDF.

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