Located in the former Central of Georgia 1860s open air Passenger Depot & Terminus facility that operated an innovative high speed passenger service between Savannah and Atlanta known as the Nancy Hanks (named after a champion race horse of that day). Passenger service ceased from this location in 1971.

Coastal Heritage Society began managing the facility in 1990 and envisioned the site as a traditional collection-based gallery, which became Savannah History Museum.

The last 25 years has been spent building visitor experiences at the site and caring for a collection of over 50,000 artifacts, as well as developing/refreshing exhibits and crafting engaging educational programs and events.

Battlefield Memorial Park

At this location on October 9, 1779, more than 8,000 troops of three armies fought during the American Revolution's Battle of Savannah. Casualties of this battle were buried in unmarked graves, remaining there until the Central of Georgia Railroad developed the land as part of its repair facilities & rail yard. They were then relocated unceremoniously to a location unknown to make way for the railroad development.

Archaeology, research, design work, restoration & historic interpretive panels were completed by Coastal Heritage Society's Preservation team and Archaeology team transformed this blighted historic site through SPLOST and grant-funded projects in 2003- 2008.

An annual memorial march & commemoration is held at dawn annually on October 9th by CHS and regional organizations whose family heritage ties them to direct ancestors who fought in the American Revolution. Eight modern nations who sent troops in support of the American or British cause are represented.

Regular programming called Loyalists & Liberty tells more of the Southern Campaign & Savannah's story in the American Revolution, as well as offering this program for school field trip groups.

Currently the site is a public park in the western part of Savannah's historic district and is available to enjoy as a self-guided experience.