The Struggle for an Independent Nation


In the bold struggle for American Independence, one of the most pivotal battles of the Revolutionary War occurred at Savannah. After four weeks of British occupation, the assault culminated in the Battle of Savannah, which took place on the west end of the city, where Savannah History Museum and Battlefield Park stand today. There were eight hundred casualties in fifty minutes - one of the bloodiest hours of the Revolutionary War.

By land and sea, Britain's victory here in Savannah emboldened them to move on to Charleston and press their southern strategy. Naval activities during the Siege took place in the Savannah River. Fearful of the French Navy, the British sunk two of their own ships to block the French from coming to aid the Americans.

An Incredible Discovery

Nineteen Revolutionary War-era cannons were discovered in the Savannah River - likely the largest collection of 18th century cannon artillery from a single Revolutionary War naval event to ascend from the water. This incredible addition to the historic treasures of Savannah deepens our understanding in our nation's fight for independence.

Saving the Cannons

For over 240 years, these cannons lay at the bottom of the salty Savannah River. Now, each gun must undergo data monitoring and electrolysis, a process that safely removes salt from the metal. This process ensures that the cannons do not degrade, otherwise, the salt will cause the porous iron to break apart and the guns will forever be lost. Because this process requires trained specialists and takes years for large metal objects such as these, it is very costly.

Stewardship for the Future

Once conserved, all nineteen cannons will be exhibited at Savannah History Museum, adjacent to Battlefield Park, which marks the original location of the Battle of Savannah at Springhill Redoubt. Here, they will help to illuminate Savannah's Revolutionary War history which was pivotal in the larger history of the Southern Campaign. Your support will ensure that each of the guns is conserved and protected in Savannah History Museum where they will help tell the story of our nation's founding for generations to come.

Your gift of $15,000 will sponsor the conservation of a single cannon and place a plaque with your name (or organization's name) showing your support. Gifts may be made at once, or for $5,000 each year for three years. Please contact Catherine Duffy at if you are interested in sponsoring a cannon.

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